the Ninth Company


We are the Ninth Company.  Under orders to serve all who are interested in the cold war era, most especially from the viewpoints of the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact Countries, we welcome new members from the ranks of historic military vehicle owners, collectors, re-enactors (living history), enthusiasts, historians and traders. 

Whilst not setting out to compete with any of the excellent and commendable forums that exist to serve specific interest groups such as, for example, military vehicle owners or living history enthusiasts, we aim instead to complement them.  Our approach is unique in that we bring together all of the different specialisations of interest that co-exist within the overall Cold War theme, by use of the internet, and also through meeting up at shows, events and gatherings throughout the Country.

It is not our intent to in any way promote the concept of the supposed superiority of any one political system, nationality, race, religion or creed over another, nor to glorify the suffering and privations of war, although in enjoying our hobby, for which the study of history is an integral part, it is wholly fitting to pay respect and tribute to the service personnel of all nations, who whether volunteer or conscript, have suffered hardship or worse in the course of their duties and whilst defending that in which they believe.

Because we, as vehicle restorers, collectors, re-enactors, enthusiasts, historians and traders research history as part of the hobby we enjoy so much, it is easy to overlook the fact that whilst so doing we have the luxury to adopt a neutral bias, and acknowledge the bad along with the good. Such stances are seldom adopted by governments who view history through the false prism of "political correctness" nor by the entertainment industry, who normally completely and comprehensively rewrite the past with every new blockbuster, in the name of "commercial viability" (i.e. profit).
And yet it is only by honestly studying the lessons of the past, warts and all, that we can ever hope to avoid the same mistakes in the future. When history is misrepresented or ignored. it has a nasty habit of teaching us anew, by repeating itself. 

Please enjoy our site, but bear in mind that some of the areas are available only to members.  Take a look at the "who we are" page to find out why joining may be of benefit to you. And feel free to join and take as much a part as you want - it will cost you nothing except perhaps time - time well spent!